ECO-Tuning (Trucks)

With a small investment in the newest ECO tuning technology, your wallet certainly stays fuller with each gas stop. Forget about expensive and time-consuming driver training.

With us you are buying savings that can be forecasted in your next financial plan, guaranteed!

We are not afraid of any test!

The savings potentials are in the area of up to approx. 20%. In the test vehicles, a savings of one third – range of 14% - 22% was achieved. Thus, a mileage of approx. 20,000 km results from which the investment has been amortised with the current gas prices.

Reducing fuel consumption through intelligent programming:

All data indicated are approximate values and can differ depending on the vehicle. The reduction in consumption depends on the usage of the truck. Thus, the following operating states / applications are a big priority:

- Distributor traffic

- Operation with full load or partial load

- Weight of the load

- Topography of the application area

- Climate in the application area

 The following applies in general:

The more intensively the power of the truck is used, the higher the savings to be achieved from the fuel *maximum for distributor traffic with city and country driving for several recipients in mountainous terrain

We give you a 30 day test period of all our ECO-Software....


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